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Ultimate Small Shop Book – The Complete Small Shop PDF

Ultimate Small Shop Book – The Complete Small Shop PDF

How To Set Up A Fully Equipped Workshop For Under $1000? Discover The 3 Deadly “Small Shop” Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

If you are struggling and looking for the right Blueprints to setting up your own workshop but asking yourself question like these:

Is my space too small for a functional workshop?

What is the bare minimum tools I need to create basic wood projects?

How do I avoid bad quality tools that will just crap out on me in the first year?

How good is good enough? Do I need to go ultra-high end to ensure a long-lasting tool?

These questions are the biggest roadblocks woodworkers face today. With the Ultimate Small Shop PDF, you will fine the answers to those question and be able to set-up your own workshop no matter how small the space is.


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